I am….a raffle prize winner

My raffle prize

I attended baby shower for my soon to arrive grandson. As a way to build up their supply of diapers they had a raffle where you got a ticket for each boxes of diapers you brought to the party.  Well I brought four boxes of diapers.  Most guests only brought one package so my odds of winner were greater since I had more tickets.  And I did win the raffle.

The gift basket I won had lots of goodies for a relaxing bath including small bottles of wine and a bag of chocolate.  Now to fill up the Jacuzzi and let the relaxing begin.


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How I started your day on an up note

I am…starting my day on an up note.

I was looking out my front door as I heard construction workers arriving next door. What I did see was a hummingbird flying around the yellow flowering Hibiscus by my front steps. It kept flying around the bush and then it landed. I wondered why it would land then it started feeding two babies. When she flew away I tried to take a picture of them but didn’t to get to close. Plus finding their tiny nest was hard as it blends in with the branch. Let’s just say seeing them was an uplifting way to start my day.

Did you know that Hummingbird’s mission is to spread joy? Since hummingbird came to me this morning maybe my message is to give thanks for the beauty in the world and that I am a part of it.

Nest on lower branch with babies

Nest on lower branch with babies.

Have a blessed day.

Finding Family Treasure from 1936

Calendar Evergreen GarageI spent last weekend at my mother’s home in the Sierras. My sister, brother and mother were there as well. My sister was going through drawers and found some calendars my grandfather had made back in 1936. My grandfather operated the Evergreen Garage in San Jose CA. Instead of a lift you drove in and he worked in a pit under the cars and trucks. He gave these calendars to his customers. The calendar is framed. Oh and the background picture is different on each one calendar. These are the calendar where you tear off each month at the bottom and the picture stays the same. Unlike most of today’s calendar where you flip over the page and get a new picture to go with the month.

I was given two of these calendars as I have two sons to pass them on to. Now to find the perfect place to hang one on the wall.

Do you have any items from your family that give you joy?

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I am…nurturing

I am…nurturing two incense cedar trees.


Trees in my yard

I planted 2nd one on Sunday. They need to grow in a container until 2 to 4 feet tall before transplanting to permanent location. I put them in a sunny spot in my yard near two mature Cinnamomum Camphora trees.

This planting was easier than when I planted trees in Redwood City with City Trees organization. Those trees were 6 foot tall and needed posts and straps to support them against wind.

What have you planted lately?

Peace, Joy, Love

What are you focusing on? Here is something positive to start your day with.Joy stones

How to increase number of followers on Twitter

My answer might surprise you.

Have a last name like Hemp. Cannabis and Hemp supporters will follow you. Just because of a last name. I post Positive Thoughts for the day in Twitter and there is no relationship to “hemp” so obviously these people aren’t reading my posts but just jumping on the band wagon due to my last name.

Latest follower: Oregon Hemp Works

Some other followers include: Knotty & Nice Hemp, Cannabis Freedom, Top Cannabis, Idaho Hemp Network & hemp, hemp hooray!

And there you are.

Joy Hemp

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Next set of cards

Is now in production. I am…excited. I started creating these cards last spring so having them finally in production is exciting.

I got a FedEx envelope Friday with proof of each card and a sample light green organza bag. Had a girl friend look at the bag today and she said the color is celery. This set of cards will be dark green to represent heart chakra energy. I continue to use the seed of life on each card. The seed of life symbolizes change and my cards give one the opportunity to take a deep breath, pull a card and be open to new possibilities.

These cards were created to support the grieving process. Whether your loss is a job, someone close to you and or a pet my hope is these cards help you experience life with ease and grace. Here is an example:

I honor my loss.

I am…Joy

And I have a “Joy” corner in my house. Do you have a place that reminds you of “Joy”?Joy Corner

2012 in Review

2012 was exciting, inspiring year with a focus on friendship


January: I gave a tea party where we each declared our word or focus for the year. My word was friendship. Which I was demonstrating by having friends and family over for a tea party.

February: Find a new assisted living facility for mom.

March: I learned to use WordPress and started blogging on a daily basis. Lots of opportunity to look at my affirmations. I volunteered at All Stars Helping Kids event with Darius Rucker at SF Fairmont. Fun working with friends and seeing Darius perform.

April: Take friends out for dinner as I received a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

May: Enjoyed being invited to a friend’s birthday party celebration at SFMOMA. Party included opportunity to get my first tattoo.

June: Summer concerts start in downtown Redwood City. Time with friends and good music.

July: 4th of July parade and then took mom to her cabin in Sierras. Had mom’s friends over to visit.

August: My youngest son got married. Lots of time with family and friends. My older son flew in for the wedding and stayed with me.

September: Tall Club of Sacramento Member Appreciation Party. Stay with a girl friend. Planted three trees on my property. Now I have a total of seven.

October: Start taking a class through Rodan Foundation that has led to some introspection. Ache moments and doing more meditation.

November: Treated to Lion King with aisle seat in 5th row. I took a friend to share this fantastic production. I found a new graphic artist so I can get grieving cards produced.

December: Solstice celebration at Stillheart Institute. Connected with friends including some I hadn’t seen in years. Plus I got to use my new drum.

2013 looks to be an exciting year with my becoming a grandmother in June. My set third set of affirmation cards will be released this year. Need step finish reading “One Word that will change your life” and find my one word for 2013

My Last Daily Blog

At least for awhile. After 10 months of writing a daily blog I am going to change my routine. Being the last day of year it felt like the appropriate date to make a change. I think I will write once a week. This gives me more time to work on my next sets of affirmation cards. I am about to produce a set of “Grieving” cards. I got my bar code two weeks ago. Need to get it to my graphic artist to complete cards and send to printer. Then I will work on finishing a set of “Forgiveness” cards. I another set in development as well.

I am…changing. What change are you going to make in 2013?

Quotes on change:

•“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

•“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr

•“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

•“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor E. Frankl