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Expect the Unexpected

On Stage with HookSlide

On Stage with HookSlide


Here is what happened when I went to see Joan River’s almost sold out performance at Fox Theater (1300 seats)in Redwood City Sunday afternoon. I originally had a ticket for her Saturday night show (purchased in April) but I wanted to attend Deborah’s Palm fund raiser on the same night. So on Sept 16th I exchanged my ticket for the Sunday show and ended up with a better seat.  5th row sitting in the outside aisle seat. Hook Slide an amazing a cappella group was performing before Joan. They did two numbers and then 3 men from the group left the stage except Jon Pilat, performing on his own. He makes these vocal percussion and booming bass sounds. Another member, Mayank Thanawala came out into the audience and started talking to me. He asked if I was enjoying the show. I said “yes” and then he asked if I would help when Jon finished performing. I said “yes”. The next thing you know he is singing to me and I am up on stage, sitting center stage in a white folding chair while all four men are singing to me. I had so much fun singing along, moving to the music.  They also had me get up and walk towards stage right then back to sit down. One member, Bud Anderson, even sat in my lap for a couple of seconds. After the show some people in the audience were applauding my performance and telling me I did great. I asked a fellow cleaning up on stage if they tape the show and he said no. Then he said he thought I was a plant because I was so much like the gal last night. No tape of my performance but I do have my memory. Oh, and Joan was very funny.

p.s. I can confirm it is true, stage lights only let you see the first row. The rest is blacked out. Thank God the front row was smiling.

pps. I heard from Mayank and he also said everyone thought I was a plant.

Government Shut down

With Government Shutdown the only way to see Yosemite National Park is through pictures. Shutdown happening on Yosemite’s 123rd birthday. These are some I took in 2009 while on a short vacation. We hiked to base of Yosemite Falls during this trip.

Yosemite vacation

Yosemite Bridal Vail Falls

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls

El Capitan

El Capitan

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley

See Half Dome in back

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I am…cooking

Home made chili for lunch

A weekly dinner for my son and his wife. It all started back in July when my grandson was born. At first I was making their favorites as requested including pepper steak and chicken in wine. With the seasons changing I am fixing dinners that reflect the weather. I made minestrone soup this week as the temperature dropped. I use a recipe from Moosewood Cookbook. I haveHome made chili for lunch been making this recipe for years with one adjustment. I add Swiss chard at the end.

What happens is I get to hold my grandson while they eat the dinner I have prepared. It is a win-win for all of us. They get to eat together at the same time and I get some one on one time with the little guy. Plus I enjoy buying all the ingredients and preparing a meal for my family to enjoy.

I didn’t take a picture of the soup. The picture I attached is chili I made for a Saturday lunch I served to crew helping with remodel work at the kid’s house. I also fixed a green salad, corn bread and Spanish coffee cake for dessert.

I wonder what I will prepare next week for dinner. Maybe I will start making some recipes in my crock pot. Do you have a favorite dinner suggestion?

I am…in the flow

The title to this blog was not true a couple of days ago. I have guests at my house. Two college students from Japan. I am hosting them while they attend ESL classes for two weeks.  I have been hosting students for several years though I usually haveIn the flow one student at a time.  All this is background on my current experience.

Here is my story about being in the flow or not.

It turns out these two students use one “double” roll of toilet paper a day. So after 3 days the toilet in my guest bathroom backed up. This is like stopping my flow. I had to have the line snaked in order to correct the problem. Then I learned that the sewer line from guest bathroom goes up and down before connecting with the main sewer line so overuse of toilet paper is hard on the system. In addition to snaking the line I had the sewer pipe from toilet to main sewer line replaced to be only at a down angle. After all of this work I am now back in the flow.

 Quotes on :

“I don’t really make decisions, I go with the flow.” – Nicole Kidman

 “I’m trying to just go with the flow and learn from the people around me.” – Christina Ricci

 “This is how memories are made…by going with the flow.” – Amanda Bynes

 “I normally go with the flow.” – Andrea Arnold

 “I go with the flow. Whatever music you play for me, I’ll dance.” – Gael Garcia Bernal

Conversation Starter

animal medicine cards

I had a tea party last month and I include a time for sharing after we eat treats and drink tea. Last year the party was in January so we shared the word that expressed our focus/intention for the year.  This year I used a set of animal medicine cards to start a conversation.  Everyone held the cards in their hands, shuffled them and then picked one. Each card has a message written under the animal. The photo I included as part of this blog is of a hummingbird.  Part of hummingbird  message is “Be Joyful”. After reading their message my guests would tell us how the message relates to their life at this moment. We all found the messages to be uplifting.

The author of the Medicine Cards says the cards are used as an advanced tool for achieving personal growth and balanced living. Is there a tool you use for personal growth?

I had a totem painted on my drum

Last year in November I took a class and made my own drum. We used Mexican cowhide. This year I decided to have a totem painted on it. I picked the turtle/tortoise aTotem on my drums my totem.  I thought about the eagle but my son had a land tortoise for several years.  I took care of her when she was first born and was with her the day she died. Her name was Rocket. So I am honoring “Rocket” by having a tortoise painted on my drum.

Here is the meaning behind Turtle as an animal totem:

Turtle is a symbol of longevity, endurance, persistence, and the continuation of life (sometimes against incredible odds). 

It is also a powerful totem for protection because you can withdraw into your shell. Which makes it is an amazing self-defense mechanism.

Affirmation for Turtle Medicine – “I am open to moving with the flow of life that I will find fulfillment.”

I am….a raffle prize winner

My raffle prize

I attended baby shower for my soon to arrive grandson. As a way to build up their supply of diapers they had a raffle where you got a ticket for each boxes of diapers you brought to the party.  Well I brought four boxes of diapers.  Most guests only brought one package so my odds of winner were greater since I had more tickets.  And I did win the raffle.

The gift basket I won had lots of goodies for a relaxing bath including small bottles of wine and a bag of chocolate.  Now to fill up the Jacuzzi and let the relaxing begin.


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How I started your day on an up note

I am…starting my day on an up note.

I was looking out my front door as I heard construction workers arriving next door. What I did see was a hummingbird flying around the yellow flowering Hibiscus by my front steps. It kept flying around the bush and then it landed. I wondered why it would land then it started feeding two babies. When she flew away I tried to take a picture of them but didn’t to get to close. Plus finding their tiny nest was hard as it blends in with the branch. Let’s just say seeing them was an uplifting way to start my day.

Did you know that Hummingbird’s mission is to spread joy? Since hummingbird came to me this morning maybe my message is to give thanks for the beauty in the world and that I am a part of it.

Nest on lower branch with babies

Nest on lower branch with babies.

Have a blessed day.

Finding Family Treasure from 1936

Calendar Evergreen GarageI spent last weekend at my mother’s home in the Sierras. My sister, brother and mother were there as well. My sister was going through drawers and found some calendars my grandfather had made back in 1936. My grandfather operated the Evergreen Garage in San Jose CA. Instead of a lift you drove in and he worked in a pit under the cars and trucks. He gave these calendars to his customers. The calendar is framed. Oh and the background picture is different on each one calendar. These are the calendar where you tear off each month at the bottom and the picture stays the same. Unlike most of today’s calendar where you flip over the page and get a new picture to go with the month.

I was given two of these calendars as I have two sons to pass them on to. Now to find the perfect place to hang one on the wall.

Do you have any items from your family that give you joy?

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I am…nurturing

I am…nurturing two incense cedar trees.


Trees in my yard

I planted 2nd one on Sunday. They need to grow in a container until 2 to 4 feet tall before transplanting to permanent location. I put them in a sunny spot in my yard near two mature Cinnamomum Camphora trees.

This planting was easier than when I planted trees in Redwood City with City Trees organization. Those trees were 6 foot tall and needed posts and straps to support them against wind.

What have you planted lately?