Joy Hemp-WebI was inspired to develop my first set of positive affirmations cards after attending an inspirational 4T Prosperity program at a local church. During that session, I learned that we all have the power to create our own lives and possess the opportunity to change from the inside out. We are what we think about.

I designed my first set of cards for my own use but after experiencing a vast improvement in my day-to-day life, I knew that others might also benefit from using them.

The cards were developed to give the focus we all need to create positive change in our lives and keep us on track with our goals and purpose. Each card offers a word of inspiration such as:

I am…Happy

I am… Healthy

I am…Perfect just the way I am

The symbol on each card is the Seed of Life, representing the beginnings of change. It is a key to understanding the expansion of new energy, information and light as it enters our consciousness.

Blessings to you as you start your journey using the A Positive Thought cards and as you live your life on purpose!

I am…” cards have the power to change your thinking, change your energy, change your presence and change your life. We become what we think about and by declaring I am… we replace our negative thoughts with positive thoughts which is the first step in making a positive transformation…Say your statement and then affirm it with a YES and charge up your emotions and ignite your spirit.
Jon Gordon,
America’s # 1 Energy Coach
, Author of Energy Addict: 101 Mental, Physical and Spiritual Ways to Energize your Life
Little cards help change your life into your manifested reality! A wonderful gift for anyone in your circle of family or friends.
Shirley Roe,
Managing Editor, AllBook Review
Joy’s “I Am…” Cards have been a wonderful, affirming way to begin my day. I pick one every morning and affirm the thoughts throughout the day. They help in giving focus and structure that helps me move forward throughout the day.
Pat Obuchowski,
CEO of inVisionaria
Joy’s insights in creating these wonderful “I am…” cards make them a delight. The care she’s put into them to make them a sweet experience to the “first 5″ senses as well as the 6th, give an added richness to the internal messages and recognitions they evoke.
Scout Bartlett,
Founder: Life Insights, host of the Life Insights Live and Healers Corner radio shows and author of The Healing Class, Love is an Energy Flow and Re-Opening the Heart.”