Welcome to A Positive Thought

We believe in positive thinking and the power it has to rebalance our lives and focus our energies on living the life we want.

We created our Positive Affirmations cards to help you release negative thoughts and patterns, which hold you back from living the meaningful life you were meant to lead. By simply creating a daily practice of choosing a card each day, you will discover the power you have in dispelling negative and hurtful habits that have held you back.

Once you release the thoughts that are holding you back, you create an opening to focus on what you want in your life. Our Positive Affirmations cards are key to putting energy, focus and belief behind your choice.

There are no accidents in the Positive Affirmation cards you choose, for they are your opportunity to feel and radiate the positive attributes and beliefs you want to bring into your life. The more energy you put behind the card the more shifting you will experience.

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I Am…Transforming by Joy Hemp – Audio Clips

What is an Affirmation?

“Chapter 1” from I am…Transforming

The Power of Thought

“Chapter 2” from I am…Transforming

Belief and Emotion Make a Powerful Partnership

“Chapter 3” from I am…Transforming

Belief and Emotion

“Chapter 4” from I am…Transforming

Believe you Deserve the Outcome

“Chapter 5” from I am…Transforming